Windsor Essex County

Food Bank Association

UHC - Hub of Opportunities

6955 Cantelon Dr, Windsor, ON N8T 3J9
P: 519-944-4900
F: 519-944-9184

Adie Knox Recreation Complex

1551 Wyandotte St W, Windsor, ON N9B 1H6
UHC – Hub of Opportunities Operated Food Bank

Amherstburg Food & Fellowship Mission

298 Victoria St S, Amherstburg, ON N9V 2K5
P: 519-736-9140
F: 519-736-6303

Downtown Mission

875 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 4J6
P: 519-973-5573
F: 519-973-7670

Drouillard Place

1102 Drouillard Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 2R2
P: 519-253-1073
F: 1-866-207-8143

Immaculate Heart Parish

2153 Parkwood Ave, Windsor, ON N8W 2J8

Community Food Pantry (Essex)

962 Old Tecumseh Rd, Belle River, ON N0R 1A0
P: 519-728-1435
F: 519-728-4713

Parkwood Gospel Church

3005 Temple Dr, Windsor, ON N8W 5E5
P: 519-948-7055
F: 519-948-4198

The Salvation Army Center of Hope Windsor

355 Church St, Windsor, ON N9A 7G9
P: 519-253-7473
F: 519-253-7478

Salvation Army Family Services

88 Setterington St, Leamington, ON N8H 1T6
P: 519-326-0319
F: 519-326-3294

Windsor Seventh-day Adventist Church

5350 Haig Ave, Windsor, ON N8T 1K8
P: 519-945-2388
F: 519-945-0588

The Welcome Centre Shelter for Women

500 Tuscarora St, Windsor, ON N9A 3M2

Windsor Homes Coalition Inc

900 Howard Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 1S5
P: 519-258-4501
F: 519-258-8787

Windsor Lifeline Outreach

4490 7th Concession Rd, Windsor, ON N9A 6J3
P: 519-972-6086
F: 519-972-8915

The Salvation Army (Essex)

26 Talbot Street S
Essex, ON, N8M 1A7
P: 519-776-4628
F: 519-776-8938

Essex Area Food Bank

53 Tablot St S, Essex, ON N8M 1B1
Essex Area Food Bank Site Location: Essex – Talbot St. at the back of Essex United Church