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Dan came to the Unemployed Help Centre for emergency food. The intake revealed that he had been unemployed for quite some time, and was supporting himself and his ill wife on his saving which was quickly depleting.  He drastically cut back on groceries, and stopped refilling their prescriptions so he could pay some bills. Not only was he in threat of losing his apartment and vehicle, but more importantly the health of himself and his wife.  Dan was given a nutritious food package and was told that he could continue to utilize the Food Bank as long as was necessary. He was also scheduled for an appointment with one of our Counsellors to help him with his job search.

Dan continued to use the food bank while searching for a job.  He was very appreciative stating “that if it wasn’t for the Food Bank he would not be able to keep up with his bills”.  After several weeks, a job opportunity came in that was a good fit for Dan, and he was called.  Dan attended the interview and was offered the position which he gratefully accepted.

When Dan received his first pay cheque, he brought in groceries for the food bank.  He said he wanted to give back so we could continue to help people the same way we helped him.  He said he doesn’t know what he would have done without our Food Bank Program.

Today Dan is working full-time as a General Labourer with excellent benefits! He no longer requires the use of the food bank, is able to fill his prescriptions, and he will be able to keep his apartment and vehicle.